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In this game, you need to build a village and get many resources you can use to build more buildings and upgrade them.
After you downloaded the game and get in, click on 'sign in' and log in to the game with your google account. Then click on 'start game' and start to play. You can see how much resources you have in the upper panel. You can also see how much resources each kind of building cost by a long click on the create button of the building. You can build buildings in the lower panel, move the building that you created to the grass lot you want by dragging and click on the building to place it in the grass lot. Wen you place the building, you can't move it afterwards. The left panel is the info panel. In this panel you can know what's the building's level, In which grass lot it placed and which kind of building it is. You can also destroy or upgrade the building. If you upgrade the building, it gives you more resources but it cost more resources. You can also buy resources in a real money with the buttons in the upper panel. If you build or upgrade house' you get 100 points in the leaderboard. With the leaderboard, you can compete your friends.
*This is a trying game by Itamar Tsafrir Ornstein 2020.

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