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Run this app named Signature Creator Auto or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Auto Signature Creator represents an intuitive signature platform that allows you to create your own create signature on Android phone.

Some people are doing multiple signatures at multiple places. So user can add multiple signatures using this application and go for forever.

You can create your creative signature with 100+ autograph styles and with 400+ colors and with x-small to x-large font size.

We have used portrait mode to serve better.


* Create signature: Do signature
* Different fonts: 90+ variety of styles
* Pen thickness: Adjust thickness of pen (x-small to x-large)
* Pen color: Set pen color (400+ colors) with Light/Dark & Alpha adjustable
* Background color: Set background color (400+ colors) with Light/Dark & Alpha adjustable
* Signature size: Adjust size of Signature
* Save: Store your signature in storage
* Collection: View previously drawn signature
* Share: Share signature on social platform
* Instant view: View current signature
* Delete: Delete previously drawn signature

How to use:

1) Auto mode
\tOn the Home screen you will find signature (If you did earlier) with style
\tTo initiate your signature just click on T button (Right Top corner)
\tYou have to enter your signature text
\tSlide Signature bottom view to top, here you will find lots of signatures with different style
\tSelect anyone of it
\tPinch zoom (Multitouch) to adjust the size of signature
\tDrag (Single touch) to adjust the location of signature
\tOpen options from right top corner
\tUpdate size of signature
\tChange pen color / background color / background image (Gallery and / or live image)
\tUpdate style of signature (In this version weve provided Bold, Italic, Underline)
You can save your signature
You can find collection (Your previously signatures you did)
You can share your signature on social platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.
You can view your signature previously did
You can delete signature if you dont like it anymore


We required EXTERNAL STORAGE PERMISSION in order to store/share/view signature.


We are not using your signature anywhere, application stores it in storage in order to view and share your signature.

Enjoy free Auto Signature Creator application for you and your family.

Run or download Signature Creator Auto using our android online emulator from ApkOnline.net