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Fly the most advanced robot destroyer spaceship of the galaxy, the Red Siren. Defend steel mines on real alien planets, fight hostile alien mechs and robots in an endless war for sky dominance. Join the Force and play your part in real space ship battles.

The year is 2138. Power hungry mining colonies wage warfare to achieve supremacy over the abundant planets of a faraway star cluster. With the support of civil society and modern robotics, the private companies have colonized the surrounding planets, utilizing their natural sources worldwide. Since the new mining technology is not available for everybody, people are organized in groups, building robots and looting planets. War was inevitable. In response, the Exacorp established Red Siren combat squad. As a highly trained pilot, you take control of the most advanced starfighters of the galaxy to safeguard strategically important planets. Annihilate invading ground forces, achieve aerial superiority, and use your resources to upgrade your ship to dominate any combat situation, and become the most feared predator of this interstellar conflict! The outcome of the war is in your hands!

Robot Destroyer: Red Siren is a space war game with futuristic robots, tanks, spaceships, war mechs and huge battle machines! Enjoy the amazing visuals, realistic effects, exciting battles, challenging missions the real robot warfare! Discover marvelous planets, defend the base building, destroy all enemy robots, tanks and mechs! Hunt down the enemy space ships with your massive weapon arsenal. Unlock new levels in four different worlds, try every ship, weapon and upgrade them to be a real robot destroyer! Try to demolish all of your enemies as fast as you can, throw multiple bombs, blast them with your plasma gun, launch your missiles and keep shooting. The strategy is up to you, but no matter what: crush their forces and stop the invasions all over the world!

Key features:

Spectacular graphics and audio
Tons of varying enemy types
Intuitive starfighter controls
Stimulating, action packed gameplay
Upgrades and new ship types tailored for different play styles
Full retina display support
Leaderboards & achievements

Gameplay Content:

fight against multiple enemies: tanks, robots, mechs, ships, battle walkers
ranks and achievements
upgradable weapon arsenal
exciting powerups to aid you in the battle


Try various weapons and upgrade your favorites to the max level
Complete missions to get prizes
Dodge the enemy projectiles and attack them from the back
Dont be an easy target: keep moving!

Red Siren: Space Defence is utterly gorgeous and out now on Android - droidgamers.com
"Greatly rewarding action" - tgbus.com
"Very beautiful 3D graphics" - androiddump.com
"definitely worth checking out" - snappzilla.com

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