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"Collect pretty balloons for fun! But watch out for the scary ones."

"Super Bomb Jump is the first mobile game created by Ismael Rodriguez. It explores the unique ability of bomb jumping, and challenges the player to bomb jump higher than ever before. Surviving the skies of Super Bomb Jump becomes increasingly difficult with the altitudes you achieve, as dangerous balloons seek to knock you out of the air.

Bomb jumpers should learn how long it will take for a bomb to explode, so they can anticipate the explosions force to juggle themselves ever higher. Some players will employ a methodical cadence, while others may try to spam bombs without worry.

The true challenge takes the form of balloons. Purple balloons are harmless, red balloons will chase you, and black balloons will explode even if you get too close. Elite players will find themselves among indestructible balloons at high altitudes.

Unfortunately, gravity will get the best of every player, and their adorable bomb jumping avatar will fall helplessly from the puffy clouds to the hard ground.

Super Bomb Jump was created over a few weeks in October 2016 by lone developer Ismael Rodriguez. Ismael created all the games assets, including graphics, sounds, music, promotional content, and programming. But, some credit may be due to loved ones who shared ideas and tested prototypes!"

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