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A guided mindfulness mediation app geared towards busy lives. Designed for busy professionals and parents alike (and especially those who are both) who have trouble finding the time to meditate.

Short - 1 & 5 minute session options.
Silent - Headphones and solitude not required.
Simple and Guided - No expertise needed.
No signup required.

The trouble with most meditation apps is that they assume you have full control over your environment. You need a quite room free from interruptions. But for the majority of us out there, that's simply unavailable in our day-to-day lives.

So instead of having you meditate with your eyes closed in a perfectly quiet place, Busymind allows you to fit mindful meditation in, even in a crowded room.

There is no closing your eyes. There are no background sounds or voices that requires headphones. It's only simple mindfulness-based prompts that you can complete in a moment without embarrassment or strange looks.

Choose between a quick 1-minute session or go for the full 5-minutes.
No sounds made, so you can be mindful even in a crowded room
Guided prompts, so you can easily slip in to mindfulness
Private, which means that no personal is stored or used

No personal data is ever stored and the responses are never saved. There are no historical trends or other silly gimmicks. Busymind is all about a little escape from the overwhelming world to just be yourself for a moment.

Busymind is a meditation app so simple you can be mindful even while walking, feeding kids, brushing your teeth, sitting in the waiting room before a doctor's appointment, and yes, even with little ones running around and making tons of noise.

Easy for beginners too, as all you have to do is read the mindful prompts and do a little exercise with each one. Some have you focus on your body, listening to your heart, breath and search your body for tension.

Others turn you outward towards the present moment. What textures do you see around? What noises do you hear?

Mindfulness meditation is all about being aware of the present moment. While it helps to practice in solitude, the great thing about mindfulness is that it's not mandatory. Busymind takes advantage of these spare moments we all have, despite busy days, to slow down, take a moment, and be mindful in our daily lives.

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a scientifically proven technique for handling the stresses of our everyday lives by focusing our minds on the present. By going through a series of guided exercises and looking deeper at the detail of the world around us, we reset our brain to pay attention to the moment, which helps bring perspective to our thoughts.

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