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Mobile CRM Anywhere is a mobile application to get updated the business opportunities of your company in real time. Helps you to consult your customers data on the move, the logs of each communication with the client, interviews planning, tasks, products or services associated and all with a simple, intuitive and easy to use interface.

In short, this is an application that lets you take any business opportunity on the move, It improves the service to customers because it becomes much more personalized, and also it will release you your opportunities of deals to be conducted at any time, anywhere via your smartphone.

What is it good for?

It is a tool for managing the relationship with customers and it becomes an important part of a marketing highly effective business strategy as it is totally focus on customers needs.
Companies must develop CRM strategies to ease their view, administration and management of the lifecycle and customers relations. From them, companies must perform certain actions which bring added value to customers service and create new business deals they really identify. These actions are:

INCLUDE a single integrated database, the marketing chain and the different channels with customers.
INTEGRATE the communications with customers, physical communications, web / internet, sales force and call centers or telemarketing.
INTELLIGENCE management of customer marketing . Exploit the database analyzing profiles, studying customers sale habits and at the end, using technology for results and profitability.
INNOVATE in business proposals and customer relations.

How does it work?

And consulting work from anywhere

With Mobile CRM Anywhere, commercial or technical staff can work from anywhere. Report any incidence. Provide the results of an interview with customers at real time. Attach and send contracts signed by the customer. And everything is recorded in an individualized logs and ordered chronologically.
Your commercial field team can make annotations about an interview with the customer through their smartphone and this information can be consulted at the office on real time.


Integrating Mobile CRM in your business means you have the knowledge necessary to create a business opportunity deal where you are. We list some of the benefits:

Customized schedule task per each user. (Task Planning and Interviews): The schedule task is always at hand.
It helps you to retain customers.
Improving the customers service.
Reduce response times.
It allows you to monitor tasks of each user.
Know whats going on with your business from anywhere with total guarantee and security.
Know all business opportunities at real time.
Have centralized information from a single common access interface but limited by security passwords.
You can connect to your company from any mobile phone or tablet.
Collaborative work: all team members know the work that is done inside and outside the office.
Better performance at work, no business opportunities are lost and it eliminates unnecessary paperwork.

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