Recover Deleted Media & Messages : WMR

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Recover Deleted Media & Messages : WMR keep deleted messages backup of social media apps.It consists of deleted message recovery from chat, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook messenger & all other social media apps.
- Recover deleted messages & media of WhatsApp
- Wmr with status saver
- Direct chat
- Read WhatsApp messages & deleted Media
- Take backup of deleted messages
- Recover WhatsApp & social media apps Media(Images & Videos)
- Direct Chat

Recover Whatsapp deleted Media:
Recover Deleted Media & Messages : WMR & Status Saver also recover WhatsApp deleted Media. This means by the images, voice messages and videos sent by the contacts and you. Recover Deleted Messages saves all your media such as jpeg, png, gif and videos. WMR & Status Saver will help you to keep the data for a long time, it will only be deleted when you want it to be Recover Deleted Media & messages is the best-Deleted message recovery app you would have ever used.

Direct chat:
Recover Deleted Media & Messages : WMR & Status Saver gives the facility of Direct Chat without saving the number in your WhatsApp contact list. Direct chat means if you dont want to save the contact of someone so that he or she cant see your DP, and Status but still you have to Chat with them on WhatsApp then Direct Chat gives you the feature of chatting without saving number. Recover Deleted Media gives you the best and fast service of Direct Chat.

Whatsapp status saver:
Recover Deleted Media & Messages : WMR & Status Saver also provide the functionality of Status Saver along with deleted messages recovery of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. This feature allows you to save the status media images & videos seen by you. This app saves Images and Videos that you would really like to save to use them for the future or you want to share it with your friends.

Social Media deleted message recovery:
Recover Deleted Media & Messages Status Saver allows you to recover deleted messages from all installed social media apps, if you are sending messages directly to the person or if you are receiving notifications from those apps in both ways the text will be saved by Recover Deleted Media & Messages : WMR & Status Saver.

How it works:
Recover deleted messages wmr app only recover deleted backup through your coming notification but it doesnt read your notification until you allow this recovery app to read your notifications. If you disable notification and other permissions we ask for it doesnt recover your messages .

This recovery app works only if you allow all the necessary permissions. Plus if you currently watching the chat it doesnt take any backup because all of its working is through reading notification that is only used to take your deleted messages backup

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