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Are you Wicked John who can Save the World?

John is the name we heard. Actually, its his nick name we knew better, Wicked! He is one of the gunfighters who can save this world and we call them the heroes. An action star of this all-action shooter. Dodging the heat from your enemies through action and fight back using the Ultimate Revolver. Wicked John is a cowboy dressed sharp-shooting gunner, he do all the tricks to win battles and has an wide range of ballistic guns.

Chase through exotic armed bases, hunt down the targets in warehouses and
infrastructures, and bring down colorful supervillains in astonishing boss battles, all with blast of Cowboy style.

A rapid-paced shooter with styled actions!

Get ready, chase, fire! Wicked John offers multiple action-packed levels of shooting mayhem. Dive straight into the action, pick a target and let fight against an endless stream of bad guys.

\u200d Move to chase! An autopilot shooting experience. The game mechanics make Wicked John easy to play plus entertainments and surprises. Battles with tactical & puzzle challenges, you also get the choices in weapon selection to keep the player continually entertained through levels. Between battles you get the choice between machine guns, buffs and health boosters. Your choices are significant! And will make difference between victoryand death.

Join in and battle on! Fight in army bases, warehouses, hospitals.... Remember your choices and action make the Differences!

Awake your gunner skills from the cowboy mystery, download Wicked John now and start Saving the World!

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