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Body planet Amparo is the educative application that teaches human anatomy with the latest technology.

Amparo, the doll of Body planet, replaces the plastic skeleton with audiovisual content in the science classroom. Viewed by pointing a smartphone or tablet at Amparo die-cut pieces. The app lets viewer get a close-up look at internal organs, in movement and with real appearance.

This augmented reality- application is interactive, students can discover each system, removing and adding parts and improving their understanding . All while they are learning names in both English and Spanish.

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Amparo Body planet is a surprising experience: It includes 3D animations of all systems. With nine pieces and different contents each one:
- Nervous system.
- The senses: sight and hearing.
- Muscular system.
- Skeletal system.
- Respiratory system.
- Circulatory system.
- Digestive system.
- Urinary system.
- Reproductive system.

Each piece is printed with an augmented reality pattern that are recognised by the app in two different positions: vertically and horizontally. On Amparo, the app shows the body system in its real location and size, functioning. On the table (horizontally), students can work in groups, look at inside the organs and understand the most complex processes.

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Body planet is a different way of learning. Enjoy an amazing experience with Body planet Amparo.

Augmented reality allows you to combine the real world with digital content. For this reason, it is perfect for exploring the human body parts, knowing the body systems and understanding the most complex processes.

The Body Planet Amparo app has been tested in Infant, Primary and Secondary education by science teachers. The images are certified by anatomy specialists.

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