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Blackpass; is a digital vault that will help you back up your personal media information and register your password information.

We will create powerful and creative passwords and help you remember them in your online accounts. If your photos and videos cause more phone memories to fill up or you might be able to delete them, you can back up and protect them through our application. And without a limited number. As much as you want.

If you want to save your online chat histories or need backups, you can save them with the date information through our application. In addition, you can add notes, address information, personal information or account information if you want to use Notes section with the highest security protection.

Your personal informations are protected. It cannot be shared with any third party.


\tWhile we are planning, we all need to take short notes, we can have long sentences that we want to put down on the paper, plans that we want to keep and there are a lot of summaries we want to take. At that point you can save them thanks to Blackpass.

\tYou can add to-do list, events or plans. Therefore, you create convenience for systematic and planned life.

\tYou can create new titles and texts and save them for later reading or using.

\tAnd, if you have more important ones, we offer the ability to add them to your favourites.

\tYou can edit or delete later.


\tThe number of e-mail addresses, sites and social networks you use today is increasing, isnt it? Then, wouldnt you like to keep all of your passwords in one place and keep it?

\tSecurity measures are very essential. Therefore, for you, it is no longer a problem to remember each social network password.

\tWe create a practical area where you can check which passwords you are looking at and creating favourites in this section, if you want.


\tIf you want Whatsapp to create a chat history for your own, this section will be very useful for you.

\tJust take the conversation you want to save on Blackpass and your backups will be made instantly.

\tYou have right to save unlimited chat history.


\tMoments are memories which are easy to remember, special to be remembered and important to be stored

\tYou can add, back-up and protect your photos and videos in this section

\tYour personal photo and video lists are stored only special for you.

\tYou can personalize your data further from my favorites section.

How to use?
To log in, you must first verify the code with your mobile phone number and confirm the terms of use.

-Privacy Policy: http://blackpass.services-demo.com/privacy-policy.html

-Terms of Use: http://blackpass.services-demo.com/term-of-use.html

If you need help, please contact us at: egunacar@kodz.net

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