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This app is for all the non Arabic speaking expatriates who live in GCC countries. Do you live in one of the GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman) and you spend a lot of effort to know local news ? Have you ever been looking for an app that delivers local news right away to your mobile device in a short and effective way so that you get the latest news without wasting a lot of time searching for them ?
Gulf News is your one stop shop for all local news and events in Gulf region, it collects local news Gulf countries news from different news agencies, web sites and twitter accounts and delivers it directly to your mobile. The application delivers news headlines only and you can always click to read the whole news.
The application pulls news every half an hour, you can always force refresh the news by pressing on "sync now"
You can enable/disable notifications for news, you can even set your mobile to vibrate or plays a ring tone when news arrive.
The app allows you to share the news on facebook, twitter, send it as email and much more.
The app allows you to mark some news with a star so that you can easily find them later
Using settings you can control how often news are refreshed, and for how often old news should get removed.
In addition to that, the app allows you to add your own source of news to the existing ones
The app is intelligent enough to display more of the news you prefer to read and less of the news you don't prefer to read, just help it by clicking on like and dislike and news will be displayed accordingly

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