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DaReX a PDR tool for Osmium MIMU22BLP(X) performs Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) on the data transmitted from shoe-mounted MIMU22BLP(X), over Bluetooth, to the Android device (Smartphone, Tab etc). The aim of DaReX is to give the users a fair understanding about the unlimited possibilities of the PDR sensor MIMU22BLP(X). Since the applications of MIMU22BLP(X) are wide, the tailor made applications for user specific needs can be made with richer features and more integration of functionalities.

One can take advantage of many inbuilt features of DaReX for personnel tracking, land mapping & surveying, gait analysis etc.

Some of the features are:
- Graphically display of the tracked path and present coordinates in real-time
- Real-time monitoring of battery status
- Computation of current coordinates (w.r.t. to the start point) and saving that in a log file
- Option of using floorplan or a map image in background of graphical display
- Option of overlaying path on Google map for real-time tracking (without using GPS)
- Option to break the tracking session and continue later (highly useful for land survey)
- Option to tag a location with text and photo, in real-time
- Direction alignment using sensors compass (Option of using phones compass as well)
- Zoom in, out, fit, rotation of tracked path
- Option to tag the tracked with Indoor / Outdoor
- Display of average and instantaneous stride length and frequency, step count and distance covered
- Availability of many advanced options for updating internal parameters of the sensor. (Useful for researchers who do not wish to undergo tedious process of firmware coding and upgradation process)

DaReX is an attempt to give a glimpse of the capabilities of shoe-mounted PDR sensor MIMU22BLP(X). Please contact us with specific requirement for your application. We are happy to offer customization services.

For details, please go through the Feature Document:

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