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Tihai calculator is inspired by the concept taught by our revered Guru 'Taal Yogi Padmshree Pandit Suresh Talwalkar' It is a simple tool for tabla, pakhawaj, drum players and kathak dancers to build tihais, based on North Indian Classical Musical science. Instrumentalists (and Vocalists) can also use it to build different tihais to be used with their compositions (Bandish). A combination of English and Hindi words (commonly used in music) have been used, however for definitions please refer it to your teachers /Guru's. A few illustrative combinations of 'syllables in the tihai' and 'gaps between pallas' are give. Avartan (cycle of taal) needs to be interpreted accurately. When we mention that a tihai ends on beat 1 i.e. sum, it means it is the 1st beat of the following avartan.This is an attempt to guide professionals while they make difficult Tihais and is no way could be an alternative to learning from your Guru/teacher face to face.

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