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Train your attention and reaction with our new game "Color Names"! Before time runs out, move the colored cube from the center of the screen to the correct side. For example, if the cube is red, you need to drag it to the side with the word "RED".

The correct side is the one with the name of the cube's color and NOT the one of the same color as the cube (unless, with a 25% chance, the color and the word actually match). The conflicting name of the color and the color itself cause a cognitive conflict in your brain, and your subconscious naturally compares colors first (because colors are easier to process than text). However, you need to suspend this automatic (and in 75% cases wrong) impulse and instead spot the correct word. As you keep doing this task, your brain will get tired over time, and at some point you will make a mistake, especially under the stress of the time limit. See how long you last! The higher your score, the more attentive a person you are.

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