Laxmi Task Manager

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Run this app named Laxmi Task Manager or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Kindly follow the steps mentions below to check functionality of app

1. Login into app using provided credentials above

2. Home page:
2.1 Flash news: its a global view able slider where general update can be shared
2.2 Click on lighting icon on top right to add a flash
2.3 Groups: these are the groups which can be accessed. This also displays number of over due topics along with other information

3. Add flash: enter update text update 160 char and end time till this flash will be visible
3.1 End should be more than next 2 hours and should be from 9am to 9pm

4. Select any group. Two major functionality, Flash and Topics. Flash as explained but now this is group specific

5. Topic
5.1 Click on options/more icon on top right to add Flash or Topic. You can also check available users in list
5.2 Add Topic: Topic can be public or private

Enter topic name, due date. Select participation of private or select Assignee if public
5.3: Participant selection: click on Add Participants button to add users to Topic. Select user from list or search or use tags to select multiple users at once. Kindly select Assignee by clicking on star icon

6: Chat: users in a topic can chat by clicking topic. Users can add image, video and audio.
6.1 Close Topic: click on more/options icon on top right, select Close Topic button from below
6.2: Reschedule: same as above
6.3: Manage Admin: on same screen, click a user to either create or remove user as admin. User who created Topic cannot be removed

7. Archive Topics: to view closed topics

Run or download Laxmi Task Manager using our android online emulator from ApkOnline.net