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iFocusMode - Stay Focused Self Control app is the best & most highly rated android app that helps you block distracting apps on your phone. Restrict browser, games, music, chat or social media apps you want & lower your screen time using this best app blocker to increase your productivity 10x by just being off phone for few hours a day.

iFocusMode - Stay Focused (Block Website & Apps) helps to increase productivity & reduce procrastination. It will help you have some self control on your mind & stay focused on work or studies & help you get off phone.

How iFocusMode Screen Time App Block Works?

Select your addictive apps. It can be social media, chat or gaming apps.
Select duration of your phone break. It can be from 30 mins to 48 hours.
What is this challenge worth to you? Select your challenge amount.

Thats it.

On successful completion of your less phone usage challenge, you will get full refund in your iFocusMode app wallet to help you take up another challenge.

You might ask, why to pay when there are other self-control apps available for free?

Problem is you; your screen time is so high that free solution will just not work for you anymore. By paying a small amount, you are bound to make it work in any case. Its human mentality. We dont take anything for granted which we have paid for. If this self-control app was completely free, it will be hard for you to get off phone & eventually you will suffer in the end when you dont stay focused.

Who should use this iFocusMode - Stay Focused (Block Websites & Apps)

Working professionals looking for phone life balance & reduce procrastination.
Students wasting time watching videos & want to reduce laziness & improve focus.
Girls or boys wasting time on their phone & now wants to go anti-social and stay focused in life.
Housewives bingeing on online TV shows & want to reduce their screen time.

Additional Features -

Chat Globally with all the users having this app. Whenever you take any break challenge or complete your break challenge successfully you can share it with others & inviting them to take the challenge & set a new time limit to break your time record. This way you help & motivate other users to take up a new challenge for themselves.

When you complete your challenges successfully it will be displayed in your achievements section. Once you start earning more badges as per your achievement your name will appear in our legendary Hall of Fame section.

You can even have a 1 to 1 chat with any of the Group members. We as iFM Coach are always there to help you in the chat section. Share this app with at least 10 friends & earn yourself a free package.

Some of the benefits of using iFocusMode - Stay Focused Free App :-

Stop being distracted by your phone. Focus on your goals.
Improve concentration. Restrict yourself & exercise some self control.
Reduce app usage time using this best app blocker.
Helps you block distracting apps. Become Antisocial using this focus booster app.
Maintain phone life balance. Limit use of your device.
Set time limits for yourself. Its a must have app for kids phones.

But why limit technology and get off phone, you may ask?

First step is to accept that you do have a high screen time problem. You just cant keep your phone down. Your attention span is less than 8 minutes. You can hardly focus on anything. It has started to affect your mental health which in turn is ruining your life. More distracting times are ahead if you dont take some corrective actions to stop this habit. You need to stay productive & have better self-control while using your smartphone.

iFocusMode users managed 40% improved productivity withing 2 weeks of app use.

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