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Businesses often wonder- How can I Grow My Business? Well, here is Linq to grow business while keeping your Customers Happy.

If you send the exact information that a Customer is asking for, he/she will be happy and 100% buy from your Business, helping you grow business. Information like catalogue, payments, address, photos can be easily sent on whatsapp or business whatsapp. Truly a Grow Business App. Better than any pdf catalogue making app out there.

Customers find the information, sent via Linq, to be very useful and attractive. This makes them buy from you and refer your business to other customers enabling you to grow business. Now it becomes very easy for you to sell on whatsapp - send catalog, get orders, enquiries on catalog

Linq makes your business information useful:
Customers can use your Linq, in ways beyond their expectations
Example 1: Interested Customers are always asking for your contact details. When you send via linq (sms or whatsapp), they not only get your phone number, but also your address, working hours, and directions on Google Maps. They can book a cab directly to your place - you grow business like this. In case of any confusion they can whatsapp you directly from Linq

Example 2: People serious about buying always want to know details about a specific product or products. When you send via Linq (sms or whatsapp), they get all the details and pictures of the exact product(s) they were looking for. The products are shown in a beautiful catalog and they can check out the all the details in that catalog, send enquiry to you over whatapp and buy it finally, helping you grow business. There are many pdf catalogue making app out there, but Linq trumps all catalog whatsapp business apps. A very good grow business app

Example 3: Customers who want to purchase from you, many times, ask for your payment details. When you send via Linq (sms or whatsapp), they not only get these details, but can also pay in just one click to grow business. Doing business whatsapp was never this easy before! Truly a grow business app

Example 4: Customers also ask for a copy of the bill before a payment. When you send via Linq (sms or whatsapp), they not only get a digital copy of the bill, but they can also pay you directly in just one click. Doing business whatsapp is so easy! Better than pdf catalogue making app

When you send via Linq, your customers will always get the most updated information, even for the messages (sms, whatsapp) sent a long time back. For example, if you have new products in your shop, you can just update them in Linq catalog and the customers will automatically find it updated on Linq.
Never miss replying to customer enquiry - Using Linq, easily WhatsApp people without even saving their phone number

Why customers find Linq attractive:
Customers love you when they see you in attractive ways.
Your business would look stunning using Linq, your online avatar. You can share your Linq digitally on sms or whatsapp, and all your information would be available to customers instantly.
Customers cant resist exploring more about you once they interact with your Linqs beautiful and simple design. While exploring your catalog, if they feel like, they can quickly check your Social Media feed too, within the Linq. While watching your facebook or beautiful picture gallery, they can book a cab to visit your store in just a click. With Linq, the possibilities are endless.

You can call Linq your online identity that has every information about you. This makes your existing customers easily share your Linq (or catalog) on whatsapp with their friends, who may be looking to buy products that you sell.

Linq will Grow Business for you. With Linq, all your doubts on How can I Grow My Business, will vanish.

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