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- Driving Information
Current Distance, Current Travel Time, Todays Distance , Todays Travel Time, Fuel Efficiency, Fuel Consumption, Hard Brakes, Rapid Accels.

- Tyre Pressure
Provides the tyre pressure status of the vehicle. If the tyre pressure is not within standard pressure, the number of tyre pressure will be displayed in red.

- Driving History
Checks driving history by dragging the driving information screen from the right to the left. The driving history is sorted by date. Each item consists of Departure, Arrive, Maximum speed, Average speed, Average fuel efficiency, Fuel consumption, Rapid accels, Hard braking, Distance and Travel time.

- Parking Management
Provides the parking location of users vehicle and parking time through the location services on users smart phone when you park the vehicle.

- RSA (Roadside assistance)
Allows the user to contact the RSA directly when a problem occurs with the vehicle.

- Statistics (ECO Driving)
Provides statistics of the users driving pattern in which the results can be viewed in daily, weekly or monthly.

- Statistics (Speed)
Provides statistics for the vehicle's speed pattern.

- Vehicle Health Check
The user can diagnose the status of their vehicle. If a problem is detected, it provides connection to the call center.

- Vehicle Health Report
Provides Vehicle health report. It is listed in the latest date order.

- Dealer network
Provides dealer information on the map or on the list.

- Hyundai iQ
Provides Hyundai iQ Home, Vehicle Health Report, Statistics (ECO Driving), Statistics(Speed).

- Message box
A function to receive messages from your favorite dealer or call center.

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