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Hydroponics is a planting system Vegetables or fruits that do not use soil media but use the hydro system or use water media mixed with special nutrients for hydroponics plants.

This back is increasingly known by many people about the system of cultivation with water or hydroponics media. Planting hydroponics at home is quite easy, use recycled media or unused media to be transformed into hydroponics, for example bottles of used bottles can be transformed into a medium to plant vegetables or fruits hydroponically.

We can see how simple the material is needed. In fact most of it is from secondhand goods. Planting this simple hydroponic model besides we can get healthy vegetable crops and fertile, we can also take advantage of secondhand goods. So that used bottles, jerry cans and used plastic cups that should be a waste can still be taken advantage.
So take advantage of this app so waste is reduced and we get vegetables from around us, enjoy!

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