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French Words Master: Learn 5000 most common words in French

Build your vocabulary with French Vocabulary Master for your Android device. Quiz yourself every day to learn the most important words in French. Our app helps you improve your vocab and prep now you can practice and improve your vocabulary anywhere, any time!

The French Vocabulary Master is a unique learning tool: why study a long and boring list of French words when you can experience a gamified vocabulary journey - one that is bound to be thoughtful, exciting and fun!

The learning technique, applied in the application, allows you to quickly learn new French words (up to 100 words per day). You can memorize all these words using our app.

Why students LOVE our app
French words picked by an expert tutor
Audio pronunciation for each of the words in the app
Definitions and example sentences for every word
Powerful playlist for listening practice
Beat levels to unlock new words
Track your progress as you study

The top most useful words in our French vocabulary are sorted by how useful they really are, so you can learn French more efficiently. Our data is compiled from thousands of movies, TV shows and songs. Your time is valuable. Learn only the most useful word that you don't know yet...and then the next!

The entire wordlist is selected and defined with usage examples by expert tutors.

Confidence booster:
Gain confidence as the words on the vocab app increase in difficulty. Have fun with flashcards by implementing these French words into your day-to-day vocabulary!

With a pictorial representation accompanying words, examples of the words as used in sentences and many other features youll soon be addicted to this vocab builder app.

Rather than just boring text definitions, French Vocabulary Master adds many short video clips from top movies and TV shows, teaching you how to use the French words in real world. It also shows you examples from the latest news stories, across thousands of news websites. You don't just learn a word from the vocabulary, you "experience" it.

French Vocabulary Master uses "Spaced Repetition" which is a scientifically proven approach to ensure that when you learn French words, you will remember them forever!

There are also many more features to make learning French easier and more meaningful:

WATCH ASSIST: While you're watching a movie or TV Show, French Vocabulary Master will highlight the upcoming words used in the show that you don't know, letting you learn while enjoying the movie!

And another bunch of cool features you'll go head over heels for:
Save time by studying only words you don't already know
Thoudsand of French words to improve French Vocabulary
Context-based word learning with real-life and fictitious examples
Understand the Nuances of wordlist - something very important for French vocabulary
Get examples of the common words used in sentences
Learn advanced synonyms and antonyms, etymology and perfect pronunciation
Bookmark difficult words and the most confusing words to refer to easily anytime
Get insights into your vocabulary skill-level
Test your grasp over the vocabulary you learned newly
The best part is that this French app WORKS OFFLINE!

* Intermediate & advanced French learners
* Speakers of French as a 2nd language
* Immigrants in French-Speaking countries
* Native French speakers seeking to expand their vocabulary

Productivity is heavily affected by communication skills. If you employ non-native French speakers, you can encourage them to use French Vocabulary Master in a daily personal development routine to improve their vocabulary.

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