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Energy Meter Accuracy Calculator

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This application can be used to calculate the accuracy of kWh energy meter. Just note down the meter constant (imp/kWh or rev/kWh) from meter and connect a known test load with meter. Start the timer and start counting impulses on the meter. After some time, stop the timer and enter the value of impulses counted. You can also increment the impulses value by pressing the "Count Impulse" button while the timer is running. The results can be calculated by pressing the "Calculate" button. It calculates the number of impulses at 100% accuracy and also calculates the percentage error of meter. The meter can either be fast or slow. The 5% error is acceptable in many states.

Instructions on how to use the app:
1. Note down the meter constant (imp/kWh) from the meter nameplate.
2. Connect a test load with the meter and measure its kW value with some measuring tool.
3. Start the timer by pressing the "Start" button.
4. Once the timer starts, observe the impulses on meter. Press the "Count Impulse" button each time an impulse is observed on meter.
5. After some time stop the timer and stop counting impulses.
6. Press the "Calculate" button to see the results.

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