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This android application basically provides you the facility to give reviews to different categories of items. You can also add your own category and give reviews on those as well. This helps the users to get the best product for their valuable money spend. Furthermore, in the next update we will launch the prediction of success rate of a product based on its reviews by the users. The product having decent ratings consistently, will have higher success rate as compared to the one's who are getting lower ratings. Accordingly, the company manufacturing that product will be ranked. Suggestions to the companies will be provided, according to the success rate of the product, more the success rate, increase the supply and if success rate is less, immediately stop the manufacturing and look for alternatives. The risk factor will also be added along-with success rate prediction service. Moreover, we will provide an estimation future profit/loss of a company based on its manufacturing rate of lower success rate products. If company continues to manufacture product which has received negative response, then its ranking will decrease and also it will be in loss, since success rate of bad products will be low. All these statistics will be visible to the companies.
Risk factor for a product will be more if the success rate is low for that commodity.

1)Make your account,login and access the app.

2)Send SMS messages to anyone,but it will cost you money
3)A test of 5 mins containing 15 questions is also there,in which if your score is greater then or equal to 10,then only you can proceed to add your own category,otherwise you cant.

4)You can view your profile,edit your profile and give us your valuable feedback as well.

5)You can give your reviews to both default as well as custom categories,for default no test,for custom you will be giving the test.

6)You are free to access our application offline,however few features do require internet connection.

7)A demo video is provided in the app for better user experience.

8)All the reviews you give,whether it is custom category(created by you after passing the test) or default category are shown at the homepage once you login.

So please download the app,and change your experience of purchasing forever,because this platform is the best benchmark for investing your money on a product which you want to purchase.

For any queries regarding bugs,or updates or features please contact us at below emailid. You can like our facebook page as well and check updates about the app regularly .


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