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What to do if youre the only human on a spaceship? Several years ago a research space mission was launched, but the equipment started acting out, and there seems to be a traitor on board.

Odysseus Kosmos and his robot Quest is a funny pixel space game with quests inspired by the adventure game traditions of the Nineties.

A space ship stuck among stars, waiting for other astronauts to arrive on their research mission. But theres never a dull moment for our hero.

You play the astronaut Odysseus Kosmos - a lazy, but charming spacecraft engineer who loves coffee and cookies. Hes been waiting for his colleagues to join him at this huge space research lab for ages. His partner is a robot called Barton Quest, whos got quite the personality! Barton is equipped with AI and clearly knows much more than he lets on...Maybe he is an impostor?

Keeping the humongous ship operational, research to be done, odd phenomena caused by the giant black hole nearby - it all leaves our hero without so much as a minutes rest.

The player is to help the hero out with all these challenges, solve a ton of puzzles, and meet the other astronauts when they return to the ship, despite the time flow discrepancies.

Game features:

Classic point and click quests in Russian
Solve intellectual puzzles and riddles - say no to mindless item-collecting
Explore the ship and outer space, which both look splendid in retro pixel style
With the old quantum converter, Hat HQ, youll be able to become a sea captain, Indiana Jones, or a duck.
A five-episode adventure full of surprises - get the pilot episode for free!

Unravel dozens of mind-blowing scenarios and puzzles in the pixel game. Solve the mystery of the spaceship, save your crew, and find your way home! Mysterious Artifact, extraordinary discoveries, tragic losses. Just like a movie, but youre the one directing.

Want to know who is the imposter among the teams? Spaceship quests are waiting for you. The pixel games of Odysseus Kosmos start now!
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