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No Sign Up Required! HeadHelp allows users to anonymously share feelings, advice, & engage in conversations with a like-minded community to find support.

HeadHelp provides the user with the ability to start self-care by privately sharing personal experiences with real people. These experiences will be divided into different categories displaying specific examples of an issue. You can also check out the main feed to see a little bit of everything. Our slogan is No shame, no blame, were all the same.

How to start? Post a message in 1 of our 100+ topics, check random users compassionate feedback. Don't stress about receiving millions of likes because the like counter was disabled since we dont believe in fulfillment through egotistical means ;). After scrolling through the feeds, a sense of relief usually resonates with a user because we all notice that I know Im not the only one. Not ready to share a thought? Scroll through all the different posts and find relatable topics to get your toes wet with this caring community. Or click the plus sign to experience a chatroom of privacy with a complete stranger who will never come back to judge! Fourth wall break: Sorry if your parents said dont talk to strangers haha.

Morning, during the day, in between classes, night, It does not matter what time of day, the HeadHelp community is always here to help you realize that youre not alone in what you are going through whether good or bad. Remember the app is completely anonymous so no one will ever know who you are so good luck and enjoy the judgment-free community.

Participate without fear of shame. You are always anonymous without the need to blame. Find daily support to realize were all the same.

Anxiety, Depression, Cancer, Academic Support, Sports, and everything in between, you will soon realize the similarities every lifeform shares.

1. Find Help & Stay Anonymous
Find self-help and stay anonymous within our community.

2. Topic Chat Anonymously
Pick a topic you want to chat anonymously about.

3. Boost Security With a PIN
Enter a PIN in the app so you can help boost security.

4. 100+ Topics To Talk About
Over 100+ topics that our users will be able to post and help each other out in.

5. Protect Your Eyes In Dark Mode
Yes, we have dark mode in our app!

6. Be Anonymous with an Avatar
Choose an avatar from our app to help protect your anonymity.

7. Begin To Heal, Grow, & Post
Make quick posts, pick a mood, add a GIF and post into our 100+ topics.

Some of the topics below:

- Addiction
- Anxiety
- Autism
- Bad Habits-
- Bipolar Disorder
- Building Self Esteem
- Breast Cancer
- Bullying
- Cancer
- Child with Disability
- Chronic Pain
- College
- Depression
- Diet/Nutrition
- Down Syndrome
- Eating Disorder
- Genetic Disorder
- Getting Motivated
- Happy
- Heartbreak
- Inspiration
- Loneliness
- Obesity
- Parenting
- Physical Disability
- Pregnancy
- Reducing Stress
- Sad
- Sports
- Veterans
- And many more!

Email us at [email protected], tell us what you love about HeadHelp or what we should add!

HeadHelp is an app for those that are 18 and older.


HeadHelp is free to download and use. We also offer two auto-renewing subscriptions:
$14.99 per month
$4.99 per week

These prices are for the United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Please visit our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy for more information:

Terms of Use - https://www.headhelp.io/terms-of-use
Privacy Policy - https://www.headhelp.io/privacy-policy

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