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Mohi the Squirrel likes to collect food. Unluckily Mohi left home for a while and its treasures got lost.

But Mohi has a SUPERPOWER: it can detect by HEAT where its treasures are... by means of its MOHAWK!

Explaining the permissions:
* Internet: necessary to connect to servers.
* Device status: useful to correctly manage interruptions.
* Billing: playing is free of charge, but we'll give you the chance to make purchases for a better game experience very soon.

We have released the BETA version: there are still many improvements to come.

Version history:
* v.0.2460: Issue with the new Play Games version solved.
* v.0.2459: New version in Franais.
* v.0.2458: Some stability issues solved.
* v.0.2457: Some stability issues solved.
* v.0.2456: Nasty bug on launching solved.
* v.0.2455: Audio issue solved.
* v.0.2454: Google Play Games integration issues solved.
* v.0.2453: Nasty bug on data loss solved.
* v.0.2451: Play Games connection issues solved.
* v.0.245: Google Play Game Services integrated to allow scores and leaderboads sharing.
* v.0.2449: Some stability issues solved.
* v.0.2448: Nasty bug on data loss solved.
* v.0.2447: Gameplay enhanced for a more fun game.
* v.0.2446: UX improved, including new Score items.
* v.0.2445: Potion visual effects added.
* v.0.2444: Potion management enhanced, and some
bugs solved.
* v.0.2443: Local storage bug solved.
* v.0.2442: Graphical performance improved.
* v.0.2441: New Magic game track added.
* v.0.2431: Squirrel character improved.
* v.0.242: Banner on top and a brand new Facebook account.
* v.0.241: New control to mute the audio.
* v.0.24: Audio & sound effects added.
* v.0.234: Texts misplaced fixed.
* v.0.233: Minor bugs solved.
* v.0.232: Updater bug solved.
* v.0.231: Nasty gaming bug solved.
* v.0.23: Scoreboard and Legal added.
* v.0.22: User experience improved.
* v.0.21: Stability issues solved.
* v.0.20: Initial version.

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