Sanjevi Raja Swamigal

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I Welcome you all in the name of peace,health,wealth and happiness !

Join me on this simple path and enter into a beautiful world of success and contentment.This world is full of fascination experiences which one is able to harness and feel within, given the guidance of spiritual powers and how they function.

I do not expect or require you to change, or demand that you relinquish your responsibilities be they social or professional, I simply wish to offer a few easy remedies which can beautify your life.Our existence is interconnnected; we all part of something larger but have forgotten. I can teach you the ways to reconnect your energy to that cosmic energy,higher spirit, or the one true god.

I can teach you a way where your wealth never ceases despite abundant generosity. A way where you can allow yourself to be overwhelmed by joy to the brink of tears and you know you are protected despite having lost yourself.

The path I show you is purely Vedic and by following this path you can enjoy the success in whatever you do. The key is the knowledge of the ancient scriptures and you can be enlightened however the results you receive depend on your dedication and karma.

I am just an ordinary man with no special powers that cannot be achieved by anyone else provided they open themselves up to the knowledge to let in the powers of nature and the one tru god. These powers can be attained by anyone who practises "Tapasya" (Devotion).

Let me guide you to this mystic world....

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