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uSCADA(p) is primarily intended to link an intelligence device such as a microconrtoller or PLC to an Android Phone or Tablet, using the MODBUS protocol over Bluetooth.

The idea was to give developers a system that could quickly provide projects with a usable interactive front end.

This program is an extension to the uMODBUS(m) software and as a result shares some of its methodology and functionality.

The Bluetooth medium was selected as with this a direct device to device serial connection can be made that does not rely on any supporting networks, in this way the software can be used for the development of portable applications.

A project can be built up using the various sections of the software so that Digital and Analogue Inputs can be read back from the intelligent device and displayed in a readable form.

Additionally by taking advantage of some of the capabilities of the Android system, digital inputs may be given alarm sounds by associating mp3 files and spoken responses to state changes. Theses associated sounds and phrases are configurable and do not have to be used.

With uSCADA(p) the raw data provided by a remote ADC may be prepared and scaled to provide a meaningful analogue for display. Units can also be added and level alarms may be generated when threshold trigger points are reached. These functions are also configurable.

Digital and Analogue Outputs options are also provided and allow user entry on the Android device to be prepared and written back to the Intelligent device.

State changes may be logged and the condition of analogue inputs can be periodically archived to file.

The final output of the software is to provide 8 fully configurable display lines that can be set to perform any desired IO function.

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