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1.) E-Membership
This App is mainly serving as an E-Membership Card to display registered member's status in application platform to prevent unnecessary producing of physical cards. Any member that has meet the requirement will be eligible to become a VIP member. VIP members can get to enjoy promotional discount on walk-in store purchase with Terms and Conditions applied.

2.) Child seat Recommendation
Provide questions that can aid in the selection of a child seat brand and model which is suitable for the requirement of parents.

3.) Store Information
Some additional helpful information such as details, promotions, and announcements of our store will be shown in the app. Below are the description of contents of app.

* Login & Registration can be done with either Email or Phone Number.

* Home Page
--- Auto sliding slideshows of Announcements and Events are shown on at the main home page of the app. User can navigate to check the details upon clicking on them.

* Info Centre
--- Additional info have too been added into the app in the Info Centre section to allow more knowledge to be passed to user for a better user experience.
--- Videos section is loaded with videos from YouTube and can be navigated to YouTube for better watching experience or watched locally.
--- Articles section provides useful reading materials that are available on the website and allow easy navigation of the website in Web View.
--- About Us section contains details including the location of our physical store which can be navigated through Google Map, as well as navigations to our online stores and social medias.

* Promotions
--- Promotions section contains catalogues of promotions that's zoomable.

--- A better-viewed interface of showing VIP status and member details.

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