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Astrologist: Someone who predicts the future by the positions of the planets and sun and Moon.

Astrologist app offer users insightful informations from reliable sources on Modern Astronomy + Ancient Astrology.

This is a great app for beginners as well as experienced astrologers and astronomer

-- Feature --

Daily Horoscopes
* Read accurate & personalized horoscopes every day.
* Unlike most horoscopes app, ours are generated specifically for your unique birth chart.
* Provides the most accurate reading possible using the current day's transits.
* Up to the minute chart of the current astrology is a finger tap away.

Egyptian Tarot Reading
* Need Answer to a Question, Try out this Accurate Tarot Reading
* Reading is base upon birth date and calculation of Sun, Moon and Rising Sign
* Includes detailed descriptions as well of the house position for Sun and Moon in your chart.

Chinese Horoscope Reading
* Acclaimed Interpretations of Chinese Five Element Astrology and Four Pillar of Destiny
* Find your zodiac signs, planetary bodies, moon phases and other astrological
* penetrating accuracy.

Space News
* Discover the unique Astronomy insightful news and events .

Self Realization Reed
* Provides date ranges for each evidence-based articles that can help you reach windows of opportunity for self realization.
* Enjoy complete interpretations for transiting planet positions & aspects.

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