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Cthulhu Clicker is a shiny little game featuring kawa minions, fluffy abominations, Rockn Roll zombies and way more adorable fiends! You are a delightful cult leader and youre in charge of these loveable little monsters. Your job is pretty easy: you have to feed them with fresh blood and make them grow bigger & bigger & bigger. If you work hard you could even have you own little chibi Cthulhu bringing a charming doom to humanity! Isnt that wonderful?

Maybe we should warn you: To make them grow, you may have to perform one or two sacrifices or maybe a thousand! But worry not my friend the thanking eyes of your cute littles villains will justify anything right?

Collect bilions and bilions of souls
Scare people with creatures from the world of Lovecraft
Collect souls and invest them to increase your income
Summon, evolve and upgrade your monsters
You can watch an advertisement every hour and earn free bonuses (Optional)
Pay close attention to your surroundings you might find useful bonus in chests
More updates are comming (Cloud save, more monsters, more mechanics ...) Stay tuned!

Cthulhu Clicker offers a fresh take on the awe-inspiring world of H.P Lovecraft. In the vein of Cookie Clicker or Clicker Heroes, this game will give you hours of click, click and click! Can you reach the maximum level? Will you be brave enough to recruit all the monsters?

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