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This app disables your lock screen only when your phone is placed horizontally.(see the tutorial image)
I think it is very useful when you want to lock the screen in your pocket, and easily unlock it when you pick up the phone.
To say about my usage, I can use my device's default light key from the lock screen when I just make the screen on in a vertical or up side down angle. I don't need any light apps with this app.

On the settings view, you can set the play of phone's angle from horizon so that you can disable the screen in some gaps of angle.
Please note that the angle is computed from the acceleration sensor, so sometimes it cannot disable the lock screen when you shake the phone.

And please note that according to the Android specification, it sometimes occurs that you suddenly see the screen locked since Android destroys my background service when in low memory or other circumstances.

Privacy policies:
As you can see from the permissions opened, this app does not use or send your data at all. I've implemented this app carefully for your phone and mine, but even when this app happens to go wrong and it harms you, I have no responsibilities about it, sorry.

Please contact me if you would like to divert my source code or tool idea.
(Although I do not publish my source code now)

2012/10/19 2.0.6 removed an unnecessary file (the version is adjusted to the Simple Edition)
2012/10/07 2.0.4 added setting of checking frame count (default : 3 times (about 50 milliseconds)), and changed default play angle to 45
2012/09/27 2.0.3 enforced checking the device angle by waiting utmost about 0.5 seconds.(On previous version, it checked only the first acceleration sensor value. This one checks the angle utmost 30 times so that you can unlock the screen more easily)
2012/09/21 2.0.2 fixed ambiguous description on timeouts
2012/09/21 2.0.1 added the screen timeout settings.
2012/07/14, 2012/06/24 fixed stability in low memory (found another pattern, I'm sorry again)
2012/06/23 fixed stability in low memory (I'm sorry that sometimes this app locks the screen in low memory.)
2012/06/08 changed the default play angle from 30 to 60
2012/06/05 fixed stability
2012/05/31 fixed error when screen gets darker on charging.
2012/05/29 fixed the bugs from 5/27's update.
2012/05/28 improved quickness to unlock the screen
2012/05/27 improved memory leak.
2012/05/27 published

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