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Custom Unit Converter is the special unit converter app using more advanced features:
- Add new types and add new units with the value scale to them.
- Edit the units you've created by changing the scale of value between them or remove them.
- You can also save your convert data in History feature.
- Set appearance type of unit or enable/disable saving history option in Settings.
- Copy output data to the clipboard.
There are 12 default types of units in this unit converter app, including:
+ Length (m, in, ft,...)
+ Area (m2, ha,...)
+ Volume (ml, l, m3,...)
+ Weight (g, kg, ton,...)
+Temperature (Celsius, F, K)
+ Energy (J, calories, eV,...)
+ Speed (m/s, km/h,...)
+ Time (s, min, hours,...)
+ Power (watt, hp,...)
+ Data (bit, byte, Mb, Gb,...)
+ Pressure (Pascal, atm,...)
+ Angle (deg, rad, grad)

The app icons were from http://icons8.com

Custom Unit Converter - Developed by Universapp

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