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EasyPrint 3D is developed as a 3D printing App, launched by Geeetech, a Shenzhen based 3D printer manufacturer. This App is oriented to both newbies in 3D printing and seasoned pros alike, with the aim of bringing 3D printing technology to our daily life.
EasyPrint 3D comes with four main features: real-time monitoring, remote control, cloud slicer and a cloud gallery of 3D models. Besides, its simple and elegant user interface provides you with easy operation flow and responsive user experience.
Real-time monitoring: With EasyPrint 3D, a considerate aide, you will find it convenient to monitor the condition of your printer and the real-time printing progress when you are busy in completing your work, out for jogging, shopping or visiting friends.
Remote control: Connecting your printer with EasyPrint 3D, you can direct remote control over the overall printing process. It allows you to choose a favorite 3D model from SD card and the App cloud gallery. Just a few clicks on your phone to configure your machine, preview the model file, calibrate and level your printer, modify the temperature of the extruder and hotbed and the printing speed, and start to print.
During your printing, you will instantly receive a notification when the power breaks off. In this emergent case, the printer will stop and save the real-time printing status immediately. When you switch on the printer next time, a prompt will pop up for you to choose to resume the previous printing or start a new one.
Cloud slicer: This feature enables you to transform .stl files into g.code commands on your palm. Efficient and convenient.
A cloud gallery of 3D models: This cloud gallery covers 9 categories of 3D FREE models, including art, fashion, household, hobbies, education, 3D printer parts, gadget, toys and tools. The development of such a cloud gallery stems from our notion --- share and develop.
In the next version, you can have access to a large volume of free 3D models shared by 3D printing hobbyists worldwide.

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