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How do you benefit from Geebny driver application?
Joining Geebny team makes you able to invest your spare time, without specific working hours, in which you manage yourself without any restrictions.

How to use Geebny app?
You will receive a riding request containing the customer's information and his/her location (the place you are asked to pick him from). The request also includes the approximate riding price determined by distance and time of the trip ... The driver is always free to accept or reject the request.

Why would you join Geebny team?
If you work as a taxi driver or you are using your personal car to work on riding or transportation, by joining geebny Team:
\tYou will not have to search for a customer, geebny app will connect you with your customers.
\tYou will not need to drive long distance to get a customer. All the requests you receive will be from locations close to you.

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