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We are Swisscows and we do not store your data! We respect your privacy and see it as our calling to protect your privacy.

More and more people are angry about the way online companies handle user data. As Swisscows team we have made it our business to provide a safe haven for Internet users. In order to protect personal data and privacy on the Internet, we have developed the data-safe search engine Swisscows.

\tIt is in our DNA to protect every user!
\tWe do not store your data!
\tAt Swisscows you are 100% anonymous!
\tWe have our own servers and do not work with a cloud or with third party providers!
\tOur DataCenter is located in the Swiss Alps and this is the most secure bunker in Europe!

More privacy for all internet users! No monitoring, no data storage

Swisscows does not store or forward any personal information! None at all! We make sure that your private life stays private. Swisscows is the efficient alternative for anyone who values data integrity and privacy. Unlike other search engines, users leave no traces behind with Swisscows. We do without countless analyses of our visitors. Your topics, IP addresses and personal information are not stored or used for additional business purposes.

Our search engine is not only secure, but innovative

Our semantic map offers you an interactive search experience! This will help you get the results you want much faster. We have been researching in the field of information analysis and search for over 19 years. Swisscows offers you a completely new kind of intelligent search.

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