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Secret Prison Breakout Plan lets you experience the legacy of jail escape. Our third-person prison life survival game will give you a very different taste of breakout from prison. Prison is a hard time, you have to make inmate friends for a prison escape plan. Our jailbreak game has a unique storyline with lots of creative features. The story of the escape plan revolves around prison gangs fighting for power and scarce resources. The player is also a part of one of these gangs. He not only has to survive himself but also needs to help his inmate friends to escape the prison as well.

Prison Life! Play offline, In this Secret Prison, the player will a friend of the warden for his survival on start. The Player will do some dirty work for him to win his trust. After few jobs given by the warden, they become besties and known by every prisoner. Looking for free best offline prison breakouts, prison simulators, escape the prison, or jail games? Hit the download button to enjoy the best prison escape simulator game.

Role-playing prison simulator and thief simulator will require a prison escape plan, Other grand theft gangs were jealous of the player and his friends for getting easy and relaxed time from wardens. Things started to mess up after the fight with gangs, and prison wardens are trying to break off the fight and capture responsible prisoners. Survival becomes impossible at that point, the player must find a way out of prison.

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Features: -

Every mission has a new and unique storyline to challenge the player.
Easy unique and intuitive controls.
The player has unrestricted control over the unarmed attack such as punching and kicking. Keep pressing the fight buttons for a strong combos attack.
A uniquely designed environment has:
-Prison Exterior
-Generator electricity supply house.
A range of weapon choices such as frypan, kitchen knife, pistols, and rifles, etc add-ons features to give power-up kick to the player. Buy your favorite add-on from the store using mission completion rewards for free.

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