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KING OF MILLS is an App for the fascinating game of Mills
that is - and will be - the standard throughout the world for amateurs and beginners to the best players, which qualify themselves for Championships. Everyone uses KING OF MILLS and it is recommended by leading players of the wonderful game of Mills. It is the app of choice for anyone who loves the game and wants to know more about it.
Start your personal success story with KING OF MILLS and enjoy the game even more.

Play against friends - and make friends - all over the world and train against the computer.

Create irresistible openings in the local mode and use the 100% analysis function for the incredible more than 18 000 000 000 possible situations on the board.

Analyse your online games (after you finished the game)

Play against the 12 levels of the computertrainer.
From 1 (easy to win) to 12 (unbeatable)
Enjoy that the computer finds every time an other way to challenge you.

You win points, when you win or you play a draw against a stronger player.

Get a special hymn and fireworks when you win 3 times in a line
Or even a bigger fireworks when you dont loose 15 games in a row.

Have a chat and communicate with a Chinese player by sending a message in English and he will read it in the Chinese language and signs.

Put special players on your friendslist

Put other players - which you dont like - on your ignore list.
It is just one click after the game.

Invite players and get fast and preferred connected to them

See from which country a player comes from and get all informations about that country by clicking on the (unknown) flag.

Read a philosophical sentence of the week and enjoy the connection to the game of Mills.

The game of Mills is one of the most sophisticated games that mankind ever created.

It is a treasure of the culture of human mankind.

It is more than 3400 years old.
And is still as modern as a game can be.

There are many reasons why this game creates a really great joy and big fun. Even when you loose a game