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Are you a genius? Are you ready to take the Solve This In 30s challenge? This is the hardest raft challenge you can possibly play right now .

This meme quiz game is really easy to play, just try to figure out where is the given word or symbol.. and try not to laugh if you lose ! It looks easy right? Well you will judge yourself after playing this trivia. You will see ! start challenging your reigns friends !

We have pick the best conundrums for this app, check those and try to getting over it ! This is the trap adventure game, once you have played with the first conundrum a time left will appear, then you need to solve the quiz in 30 seconds.

Once you have found the word or symbol then you will be go to the next level, how far are you able to go? Show now your friends how genius you are ! . But can you do this?

Riddles have been known to be one of the most time passing things, besides this also a bunch of youtubers started to record videos challenging their audience to complete those conundrums.On reddit there were also a lot of activity around this game so we decided to port that idea to Android, to let all the user to actually play a game based on it, youtubers and vloggers life is good for have a cup of coffee and relax but this game will take you to the real challenge ! Roast yourself and slime this game now !

Only a genius can be solve this in 30 seconds, Are you ready to take the Solve This In 30 seconds challenge?Are you ready for the latest challenge?

This is an addicting quiz thinking word game! Ah ! and you can play offline !

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