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Oh Dear... Dead Again

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Oh Dear... Dead Again

This is an archery game, but you don't get to shoot arrows. Oh no, you're the target!

You play the part of our BRAVE knight and have to swipe the arrows out of mid air with your sword. ( I think our knight has taken one too many mace blows to the head, In this instance "brave" is spelt D-O-P-E-Y ) .

You'll need precise timing and at least one good eye, actually 2 good eyes would be even better. These arrows come thick and fast - well thin and pointy but definitely fast.

You have armour but your sword is your only real protection, you must use it to knock the arrows out of the air before they hit you. Knocking the arrows out of the air "after" they hit you is not as effective for obvious reasons.

The more arrows you swipe, the bigger score you get, if you get hit by 3 arrows, then Oh Dear...game over, you're dead again!

This game is set in medieval times, which is strangely enough about the same time as a hero named Luke used a light sabre to defend against laser blasts. Of course he was in a galaxy far far away and plays no part in our game but the technique is the same.

Download "Oh Dear... Dead Again" now and learn how to swipe arrows out of mid air, it may come in useful one day :-)

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