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Futurenda is the next generation of schedule planner apps and life hacks apps, as it gets the most out of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) concept and organizes all your tasks, errands and events automatically. You just need to manually add your to-dos, tasks, errands, and literally any other things to do, specify a deadline and the estimated time to complete each task, and leave the scheduling and organizing to this fantastic thinglist planner pro app. Its one of the best life hacks apps that will change your life.

This free time management app comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is so user-friendly that makes life hacks easier than ever. All your errands can be instantly arranged into your agenda hassle-free, which completely removes the pain of running errands that mess up your plan.

Once you are finished adding your to-do list in the calendar for the coming days, youll instantly receive an optimized plan to get things done easily without missing any deadline or event or errands. It also features a pomodoro like task timer to help you always stay focused.

Why Should I Install This Free Thinglist Schedule Planner App?
While there are so many other to-do list manager and agenda calendar and pomodoro timer apps, why should I install this thinglist life hacks app? Well, this a fair question to ask and here are some reasons to download and install this wonderful time management app:

One. Its smart and optimized. The A.I. used in this free life hacks app makes sure youll receive an optimized plan to get all your tasks and to-dos and errands done at your most convenient time.

Two. Easy to understand data analyses. The analysis helps you keep track of your daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly activities and find out about the amount of time you have spent on certain categories. For example, you can easily understand how much youve studied in the past 10 days and how much youve done other activities.

Three. Deadline manager: The schedule planner is constantly optimizing your agenda, based on the deadlines as well as newly added tasks, errands and events, to help you meet every deadline.
Four. Pomodoro like task timer. A full screen pomodoro like task timer is ready to help you stay focused on your tasks. Take a pause and continue just like in pomodoro timer apps.

Five. Its extremely easy to use All the features can be reached with a couple of taps on the screen and you can easily figure out the whole idea after browsing through the menus for a few times.

In overall, using Futurenda, all the easy stuff like adding new tasks, errands and events, are done by the user and all the difficult stuff, like optimizing, organizing and smart scheduling and maintaining thinglist are done by the app.

Futurenda: Schedule Planner Main Features at a Glance:
\tClean and neat design with super user-friendly interface
\tAssign category to your tasks, errands and events
\tReceive notifications for upcoming events
\tPomdoro like task timer to help you stay focused
\tInstant sync to access your agenda anytime on any device.
\tUseful as a freelancer planner, student planner, and everyone else
\tFree (with the option to upgrade your plan)

So, Futurenda offers everything you should expect from such scheduler and planner pro apps and it even sets the bar to a higher level by offering smart and automatic thinglist planner. Your agenda is automatically updated based on new tasks, errands, events, and deadlines. Futurenda is a perfect freelancer planner and student planner app, and is also great for everyone.

If you care about your time and looking for a perfect life organizer app, then download Futurenda for free and enjoy this automatic and smart thinglist planner app.
Stay tuned and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.

Terms of Use: https://www.futurenda.com/terms-of-service
Privacy Policy: https://www.futurenda.com/privacy

Learn more at https://www.futurenda.com

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