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Pokash Game : Game drag-and-drop user interface.
There are no ads at all in this family free game.
Blokish is a family game featuring four players and a board with 20 20 square. Like chess or checkers, it's a game you can see at any time.
Each player starts with 21 pieces: 1 monomino, 1 domono, 2 triominos, 5 tetramines and 12 bentamas.
'For the first round, I have to put a piece so that it touches one of the corners of the painting'
'Next, you must place a piece so that it touches one corner of my pieces.
You may touch many angles, but not any side / edge of my cut! 'Look at the screenshots or in the video.
The game has a beautiful and natural user interface: just drag and drop the widget with your finger. Rotate piece similarly.
You can flip the piece into a mirror position with a long gesture for the press.
'If you can not put any other piece, I turn to my league'.
You can see the remaining pieces of the discount, by clicking on the corresponding tab.
The end of the game is reached when each player passes.
'My grade is: Add the pieces boxes you've put'.
Go back to 'Menu> Help' within the application. With several screenshots.
You can safely exit at any time: Your current game will be restored at the next startup.
Play against the machine. You can configure the level of artificial intelligence corresponding: 4 levels. Go back to Menu> Preferences
To play against friends go to the Preferences menu. Later use the 4 tabs at the bottom to select the next player.

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