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This is an application that provides fun topics to talk about.
It displays one of many topics to talk randomly for each genre.
If you like it, talk about it and have fun!!

This app is useful when you try to come up with
a good topic to talk in your conversation.
You can also view and edit the list of topics.
It can be used in various situations,
such as a house, a party, a work place, etc...

Have fun with your friends, family,
lovers, colleagues and so on!

### How To Play ###
*** Main page ***
1. Tap the top square box and enter
the names of people playing together.
2. Press the "Start!", "Stop!" Button to display
the speaker and topic to talk randomly.
You can also select a genre of topics manually.
3. Let's talk about it if you like!
You can enjoy it even by setting rules such as up to three passes,
clockwise choice of speaker.
Don't be bound by the topic, spread the story freely!

*** Topic List Page ***
1. You can see all the topics by genre.
2. If a topic is unchecked, it will not be included in the options of the main page.
3. You can freely add up to 5 choices.

When tapping the icon at the top right of the app, you can set whether to play a sound and language settings. And also, you can jump to topic list page and feedback page.
You can copy a topic to clipboard when keeping press it.

### Feedback ###
1. We welcome your feedback.
Please feel free to comment from the feedback page or e-mail:

In particular, feedback about exciting topics and non-exciting topics,
and expression of topics will be incorporated into the app.
2. If you enjoy and like this app, please rate me! Thanks a lot !

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