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Foreceipt is an easy to use receipt tracker & scanner app designed to scan & organize your receipts, invoices & bills. Track your spending or use it as a monthly budget planner to manage your money. Our app uses intelligent OCR technology to scan receipts, bills & invoices, which can later be used to monitor finances for personal or business purposes.

Why Foreceipt?

It simplifies expense tracking & management for you at each step. Foreceipt is one of its kind app, which helps you systematically scan your bills, invoices, & receipts. It also helps you create an expense report. It saves the data scanned from the receipts on Google Drive, allowing you to monitor your income & expenses on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, making bookkeeping easier. Foreceipt is your business & personal finance manager that lets you track taxes at your fingertips! Get ready for tax season, and download the free receipt tracker & scanner app for effortless bookkeeping, money accounting & savings management.

How to Scan?

To scan your receipts and bills using Foreceipt, simply tap the scan icon at the bottom. Place your phone above the receipt on a plain, dark background. Foreceipt uses OCR technology to accurately read the merchant and payment data to convert your paper bills & receipts into digital receipts. You can edit, verify or delete your receipts once scanned. Foreceipt is the most convenient expense tracker available.

Key App features:

* Real-time processing - The receipt scanning process is quick. It will save & organize the extracted data immediately on Google Drive. You will not need the receipt after scanning it, as your data is processed in real time.

* Security - Our integration with Google Drive is completely secure. There is no external interference from ads. Foreceipt does not allow any data mining and your data is only accessible to you.

* Monthly Budget Planner - You can track your spending, income, & balances monthly. Create categories to manage your financial reporting & budget. This app is a bookkeeper thatll make money-saving & bank account reconciliation trouble-free.

* Expense Reports - Foreceipt makes accounting & reporting seamless. Use different filters like date, tags, accounts, & categories to customize your reports. Export & download the expense report in the form of PDF, Google Sheets or CSV file.

* Reminders - Making monthly payments can be cumbersome. Use Foreceipt as a bill organizer for your expenses. Set reminders for your monthly bill/card payments & get regular updates to manage your payments on time.

* For all currencies - Expenses can be recorded in any currency. Use the live exchange rate feature in the app, which allows you to manage your bills on the go, across the world, in whichever currency you require.

* Cloud-Based - Foreceipt saves data on Google Drive, which makes it accessible from any device at any time. You dont have to deal with the hassle of storing your receipts for months.

* Offline Access - Saved data can be viewed without internet access. The app will automatically sync & organize with Google Drive the next time youre online.

* Cross-Device Accessibility - The app can be logged into on multiple devices (Android, iOS, & web) and will keep the data synchronized. Upon making any changes in the app, the updated data will be visible on all devices. Auto synchronization makes Foreceipt a receipt tracker app for both a family or a business.

* Charts & Grids - View data charts to get an overview of your expenses, savings, & current balance. You can pick the categories and the format you want to view your finances in.

Foreceipt is the most sophisticated and advanced receipt organizer app you will find to scan, track & manage your money & expenses. Organize finance reports, budgets & track your tax refund on any smartphone, tablet or desktop. Make Foreceipt your personal bookkeeper. Download the app now and make bookkeeping a breeze.

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