Food Wars 3D

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Enter the savage and ruthless world of Food Wars 3D.
Where Bananas are chasing after Donuts with machine guns.
Where Cakes are hiding in the bushes, aiming at strawberries with snipers.
Come and see the mess that happens on your lunch table when you are away!

The ultimate battle of Sugars has started! Will you take part in this Arms Race?
Take a step back and reflect before you step in this arena.
For only one of you will get out of it!
Step in the Mad world of Food Wars 3D !
Where each new kill you do, gets you a new weapon to annihilate your enemies.

Still not sure what an arms race is, right?
You start with a random weapon and you get a new one each time you kill an opponent.
That sounds simple enough, doesnt it?
But try killing a sniper, when all that you have is a bat!
To beat them all, you must destroy all chances they have before they can even see you!

To survive the madness of the arena, you must develop these skills :
- Be as confident with a machine gun as you are with grenades
- Hide and seek your opponents when they are the least protected
- Kill in streak or loose your progression. Each time you get killed you get back to your previous weapon!
- Reach the fifth and last weapon before anyone of your opponents does

In this multiplayer, fast paced game you will have to face up to 8 opponents in an arena where every sugary treat you meet is racing to Kill you.
Will you be faster ?

Features :
- Up to 7 adversaries against you in this Battle Royale - only one of you will get out of it alive!
- Make 5 Kills with 5 different weapons to Win the game. The Winner is the one that reaches the highest weapon rank in the imparted time.
- If you get killed, you get back to the previous weapon. So fight cautiously !
- Climb through different leagues and battle stronger, more experienced fighters.
- One new random weapon at each kill (Bat, Machine Gun, Sniper, Grenade, )

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