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Staying healthy and fit requires following a healthier diet plan as well as diverse and engaging exercise activities which can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Calivu aims at helping you reach your targeted health goals through motivation, healthy foods and recipes, as well as different exercises that could help you lose fat, become slim and smart and even get you to have 6 pack abs. Every feature of the Calivu is built to complement your health and diet targets.

Our Calstory shows a huge variety of tasty and healthy recipes; search recipes by professional chefs and then cook delicious meals in your kitchen. We have vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy, non-GMO, meat based recipe suggestions for your daily lunch, breakfast, healthy snacks, and dinner dish cooking.

In addition to healthful and nutritious recipes, Calivu also filters out your disliked ingredients and makes the top suggestions without ingredients that you do not prefer.

Save the recipes you like in the cookbook. This way you create your personalised cookbook with the tastiest cuisines from different chefs who work on region specific and fusion cuisines.

Calivu also counts calories of all the featured recipes so you get to see gourmet food recipes that also suit your calorie and macro-nutrient needs such as proteins, carbs and fats content of the meal.

Boast off your culinary skills by preparing your own dishes and posting your recipe photos, videos, ingredients and cooking methods. Share it with your friends and buddies on Calivu or on social media such as facebook and Instagram! Your buddies can post shout outs on your recipes and motivate you further to cook and eat healthily.

Get inspiration from pro chef recipes, create spin-off recipes, and share with your buddies.

Track exercises through Calivu nutritionist and trainer and monitor how many calories you burn through the day. Calivu has an inexhaustible list of exercises and activities (running, jogging, skating, ballet, dancing, endurance sports, MMA, Boxing, Skiing, Swimming, Elliptical, Body weight, Taekwondo etc) that you can search from and it automatically calculates your calories burnt based on your activity type. Post your exercises with a selfie or your workout video and share it with your buddies. Get motivation by following the workout tips and training routines of acclaimed personal trainers and gym instructors from around the world. Get everyday workout tips for your chest exercises, weight training, leg days, push ups, cross fit training, HIIT and much more.

Calivu brings together the activity enthusiasts along with food enthusiasts to build a community of buddies which help each other through their fitness workouts and healthy meal suggestions. You also get inspired by celebrity chefs calorie counted cuisines and pro fitness trainers who keep posting their updates on Calivu. Such a holistic health and fitness service helps you lose weight, gain muscle, and maintain your long term fitness levels.

Calivu is further going to include exercise trackers like fitbit, mi band, striiv, and other trackers/bands to give you a live view of your activity throughout the day. Eat clean and burn fat quickly by becoming an active member of the community, follow the recipes and workouts suggested by others and create your workout routines and help others with their goals.

It also takes a look at your BMI and tracks your weight loss through your exercise posts. The more you post, the better the app becomes to help you through your daily activities.

Calivus AI vitual nutritionist has been recently launched in Pakistan along with an in-house kitchen. AI nutritionist creates an assorted daily menu based on your dietary needs and our chefs and nutritionists in the kitchen prepare 3 meals and 2 snacks everyday which are then delivered to you. Getting to your fitness goals is now as easy as ordering through food panda! This service will soon be launched in other regions.

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