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For those who like to keep ornamental fish in the aquarium is a good idea to read a brief description that would be useful. Very simple but not easy to run. But for the sake of the beauty of your room, there is nothing wrong if you want more attention with your aquarium.

It's good you to choose the type of ornamental fish first Before buying the aquarium. Eg Fish Clown, Butterfly Fish, Mandarin Fish, Dragon Fish, Emperor Fish, and Others. If you have, consider the size of fish that will enter the aquarium. If the size is large do not buy a small Aquarium. The point is not to fish ornamental fish-ornamental life jostle and do not get a comfortable place to live. And most importantly, match your budget with the type of ornamental fish and aquarium you want to buy?

In addition to pay attention to the size of the fish, also note the size of space that will be occupied by akurium. Do not even make the room so crowded because of the aquarium ambience.

Know first the character and lifestyle of your ornamental fish. You buy certain types of fish, of course must know what the food and how the characteristics and patterns of life.

Search for information on the Internet or buy fish magazines so you can take care of them as best you can. Each ornamental fish has different types of food with varied prices as well.

Not all species of fish can live harmoniously if they live in the same aquarium. Once again recognize the mareka character. Pleased if your Aquarium is full of colorful ornamental fish and spoil the eye. But consider before you mix all the ornamental fish you buy. Between ornamental fish with one ornamental fish the other is not necessarily suitable and can live harmoniously. Examples are Seamese Fighting Fish or Betta fish. This fish is fond of fighting, the name is Fighting Fish. So you better look for direct references to sellers and people who are more expert in ornamental fish cultivation.

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