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Simplified expense management for you and your company! ECITexpense is designed to support businesses and organizations to simplify every step in expense management.

All employees can easily create new expenses, mileages and daily allowances using the ECITexpense app. All information is stored safetly with access from the browser and directly in the app.

Through an administration interface, your company have the possibility to customize the app, adjust settings and send expense reports to financial systems.

Email receipts are sent on to expense@ecitexpense.se but ECITexpense also supports digital receipts that are sent directly from the store. Paper receipts are easily photographed and added manually in the app.

ECITexpense enables you to
* Receive digital receipts from connected stores, hotels and restaurants
* Automatically calculated accounting of all expenses through simple choices, also at represesentations.
* Manage internal and foreign allowances
* Mileage related to electronic driver logs
* Email receipts you received via e mail
* Manage expense reports for one or more companies
* Set up review and approval functions
* Change settings through an administration interface
* Send expenses directly to Jeeves ERP, Fortnox and other financial systems
* Add links to social media and much more.

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