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Fireworks Live Wallpaper HD!
Get ready for the 4th of July, Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night, New Year's Eve, or why not celebrate any single day like a New Happy Day? Let us entertain you with the 2020 New Year Firework Live Wallpaper spectacular show! Welcome to a Magic World! It's magic as you can enjoy a colourful sky by night and you can feel the power of the exploding fireworks. HD Fireworks Live Wallpaper has many brilliant backgrounds with fireworks and sounds. You will even find two spotlights emerging and rotating from both sides of the screen which will light up the entire city and surely they are combined with the fireworks colours. Fireworks Live Wallpaper is intended for all the people, kids and adults. Parents: If your kids get bored or are crying, launch this application and entertain them. We have chosen backgrounds that have that cartoon like feeling. Our Fireworks Live Wallpaper is real and creative at the same time. Any of us need to feel the harmony and You are just a step away. Download this fantastic, fabulous Fireworks Live Wallpaper and decorate your screen with these fireworks animations. In Fireworks Live Wallpaper you can find:

8 wonderful pictures of cities from around the world during firework spectacle
3D Backgrounds with cartoon style
HD animated graphics for your phone/tablet
Real Sound effect during fly and explosion of the fireworks on the sky
Optimised Battery Usage
The Fireworks Live Wallpaper sleeps automatically when your phone or tablet are in standby mode or inactive
Engineered for the smoothest and the most fluid animated fireworks display possible, without draining your battery
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Supported devices:
Samsung Note 10, S10, S9 and many more!

With our Fireworks Live Wallpaper you can have the most tremendous Live Wallpaper on your phone. It's designed like a burning sky with coloured flames and sparks including red lights, orange lights, yellow lights, green lights, blue lights, purple lights, and silver lights. Wherever you may be, in London, France, Brasil, UK, Italy, Japan, China you will enjoy the same identical magic fireworks we will offer to you. All fireworks are unique. If you are lying on your bed and you want to relax just listen the sound of the exploding fireworks. It will bring to you the best moments and memories of the New Year, the harmony and the festivity of the colourful nights full of joy. Fireworks were invented in ancient China in the 7th century to scare away evil spirits, a natural application of gunpowder, one of the Four Great Inventions of ancient China. Such important events and festivities as Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival were and still are times when fireworks are guaranteed sights. In France fireworks are traditionally displayed on the Eve of Bastille day July 14 to commemorate the French revolution and the storming of the Bastille on that same day in 1789. Every city in France lights up the sky for the occasion with a special mention to Paris that offers a spectacle around the Eiffel Tower. One of the biggest occasions for fireworks in the UK is Guy Fawkes Night held each year on 5 November to celebrate the foiling of the Catholic Gunpowder Plot on 5 November 1605.
Fireworks type:
PEONY - The most common, a spherical break of coloured stars
WILLOW - Leaves trails of silver or gold stars
HORSETAIL - It bursts and falls down like a horsetail Waterfall Shell
FISH - The shell burst, you see little squiggles of light squirming away, the effect looks like fish swimming
SPIDER - Fast-burning, which makes the stars shoot out in straight directions and flat
PALM - Effect that looks like a palm tree
RINGS - Can be arranged to look like atoms
We drop fireworks in the sky for many holidays in calendar: New Year, 4 July, Halloween, St.Patrick's Day, birthday. Make a wish for all your joys in this atmosphere and don't forget to share with your friends
Enjoy the free Firework Live Wallpaper Magic Spectacle! Happy New Year 2020

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