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It's always a problem of writing a professional letter with right format and addressing. Professional letter also reflects company or person. So it is very important type letter with right content and format.
Here we have given sample or templates for all types of letter writing needed in our professional lives. Whether you are a company owner or HR or a person needed to write a business letters this app will make it very easy for you.

Main Features:

- Type your own letter with professional fonts and simple content.
- Choose the category of letter template you need.
- Select the right template suitable for your purpose of letter from various options.
- Edit the template - change the content of bold letters with your content.
- Your letter is ready.
- Save as a PDF file.
- Print your letter or simply mail it to whoever concern.

Types of Letter Templates available :

- Offer Letter :
- Job Offer Letter,
- Internship offer letter,
- Company offer letter.

- Cover Letter :
- Cover letter for fresher.
- Fresher Engineer Resume cover letter.
- HR resume cover letter.

- Job Application Letter :
- Simple Job Application.
- IT job application letter.
- HR job application letter.
- Student job application letter.

- Resignation Letter :
- Resignation letter with notice period.
- Resignation due to health reasons.
- Resignation due to lack of promotions.
- New job resignation letter.

- Complaint Letter :
- Bad customer service,
- Noise complaint.
- About environmental pollution.

- Application Letter :
- Application letter for promotion.
- Personal Loan application.
- Internship application letter.

- Leave Application Letter :
- Formal leave letter.
- Medical leave letter for office.
- School leave letter.

- Recommendation Letter :
- For internship.
- For promotion.
- Simple recommendation.

- Termination Letter :
- Termination of services.
- Contract termination.
- Business contract termination letter.

- Sponsorship Letter :
- Event Sponsorship.
- Sports Sponsorship.
- Corporate sponsorship.

- Acknowledgement Letter :
- Interview Acknowledgement.
- Payment Acknowledgement.
- Payment receipt acknowledgement.

- Appointment Letter :
- Sample appointment letter.
- Doctor appointment letter.
- Appointment letter for employee.

Other business letters :
- Donation letter
- Thank you letter.
- Proposal Letter.
- Warning Letter.
- Request letters.
- Reference letter.

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