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Any disruption to your normal sleep, whether from sleep loss, jet lag or night duty, can significantly impact your ability to perform safely and effectively -- whether you're on duty in a dangerous job, and on the field as an athlete. Specifically, sleep impacts your cognitive performance and your reaction time. ReadiOne uses a proprietary biomathematical model to analyze your sleep in order to quantify and predict the impact it will have on your performance for the day ahead.

When you wake up, sync your sleep from your Fatigue Science ReadiBand or your Fitbit, and you'll receive a personal risk assessment ("ReadiScore") for each of the 18 hours ahead, enabling you to easily visualize if and when you'll be at your best and worst in the day ahead. You'll also be able to track daily improvements to your readiness over time, and you'll receive alerts before your fatigue may reach critical levels. ReadiOne is based on validated algorithms developed with 25 years of sleep research from the US Army Research Lab, and available exclusively from Fatigue Science.

ReadiOne is designed for the end-users of the Readi enterprise fatigue management platform.

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